Formed in 2014, following 50 years of model aircraft flying, and photography, High Eye Aerial Photography Ltd is perhaps the ultimate conversion of hobby to business. I was given my first camera for my 11th birthday and a kit to build my first model aircraft, a Sopwith Camel, powered by rubber bands and trimmed to fly in circles. My first radio controlled aircraft followed the same year with a McGregger single channel radio and rubber band powered escapement, one up from steam power!


Over the years I have flown many model aircraft including the early helicopters with no giros or accelerometers, they crashed often.


Our state of the art DJI S900 Hexcopter weighs in at under 7 kg, which is important from a regulatory point of view, has built in system redundancy, and its flight control system will not allow it to fly above a specified altitude or distance from the pilot. Even in the unlikely even of a loss of it's radio control signal, it will climb to a designated altitude and return to its take off location, where it will autonomously land and power down.


Our camera operators are similarly very experienced, having taken many thousands of photographs and miles of video, and cine film. They regularly attend local camera clubs to give talks on their experiences, and maintain their proficiency with current technology and trends.


Our mobile, climate controlled, studio gives you the customer the ability to direct the aircraft and camera operator to achieve the shots/footage that you require via a live feed from the aircraft, followed by a review of the High Definition Video/still images from the aircraft memory cards.

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