At High Eye Aerial Photography we believe we provide a totally unique service to our clients. From our mobile studio which allows clients to view pre production imagery in high definition between flights and ensure they get the shots they need to our aggressive flight times and simultaneous shooting capabilities without ever compromosing on safety.


Please read below to find out more about the unique services we offer that we feel set us apart from the competition.

Safety First

At High Eye Aerial Photography Ltd safety is our watchword and our focus. Whatever we are doing the safety of our clients and our operators always comes first.


Our state of the art platform is designed with this principle in mind. It is light but powerful enabling us to get the extreme imagery for your business without ever compromosing on safety.


With it's in built system redundancy and light weight we can safely work in any environment to achieve the images that you need.


But at High Eye Aerial Photography we are realistic, and In the unlikely event of an accident occurring, we carry public liability insurance of £5 million for your peace of mind

Mobile Studio

Relax in our climate controlled mobile  studio and observe the live feed from the drone. Liaise directly with our professional camera operator to  ensure that you capture the images that you need for your organisation.


Between flights you can view the raw images and ensure that you have all of the shots that you need.


We believe that this is a unique service, enabling our clients to virtually fly the drone via our professional operators to achieve your exact requirements.

Flight Times

We can deliver unequaled flight times, with 30 minutes flying in every 35 minute period. We carry the necessary resources to deliver this level of service continuously, as required.

Simultaneous Shooting

High Eye Aerial Photography can simultaneously shoot a 4k video while recording high quality still images on our 16m pixel sensor. Another unique service delivered by High Eye Aerial Photography Ltd.

Our Costs

You will not find an aerial photography solution that offers greater cost benefits than High Eye Aerial Photography Ltd. Our prices start from as little as £600.00 a day within a 30 mile radius of our HQ. (Outside of this area realistic travel rates will be applied). We also offer pro-rata part day reductions, and Pro-Bono opportunities for suitable organisations.

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